Angry Birds Go! Cheats

One of the most popular games in app history has done it again! Angry Birds, the most played game by Rovio has been downloaded over 500 million times! As time passed by, the game got old so Rovio wanted to add a better touch to the game. Hence Angry Birds Go! was born with the same characters and a new racing theme.

The new gameplay is fun, fresh, exciting and very addicting! We loved the game so much, we created a cheat for it. With this Angry Birds Go cheat you get unlimited coins and unlimited gems to buy powerups for your karts and other upgrades.

What do I get with the Angry Birds Go hack?

This tutorial will show you how to add millions of coins and gems to your purse. All characters are unlocked and the hacked Karts already have peak upgrades. As you can see below, our Big Boomer 400CC kart is already maxed out and ready to rip!

How do we Hack Angry Birds Go for iOS and other devices?

Simply follow this basic tutorial, working on jailbreak or non-jailbreak devices. Please know that the saved file below is modded and will replace the files already in the system of your phone. This is harmless so there is nothing to worry about.

A) Download the 3rd pary program iFunBox to get into the system directories of your iOS device.
B) Download and install the iFunBox to your Mac /PC

C) Once you have installed it connect your iOS device to your computer.
D) Make sure the game is not running in the devices background.
E) iFunBox will recognize your device automatically. Click the iFunBox Classic tab and navigate to your device => User Applications => Angry Birds => Documents.
F) Next, go to the link and download the Angry Birds Go! save file
G) There is a .ZIP file, when downloaded right click the file and chose to Extract All. There will be two files, save_guest.dat and save_guest_backup.dat

While the iFunBox is still showing the User Applications/Angry Birds/Documents folder, drag both files to the iFunBox window and it will override the previous save game.
I) Last but not least, disconnect your iOS device and start enjoying Angry Birds Go!

There you have it, you'll notice the above picture with basically all the coins and gems you'll ever need! With this Angry Birds Go! cheat the kart is maximized and the top speed, acceleration, handling and strength bars are all complete.

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